1. 01Restaurant Solution

    Restaurant Solutionイメージ
    Restaurant Solution
    One-stop solution for restaurant issues!
    We will do our best to support the realization of your restaurant's goals and dreams through marketing, human resources, cost reduction, financing, restaurant equipment, restaurant environment, information provision, and more.
  2. 02E-TRIP

    A travel contents platform that creates new value for your stay.
    Simply select the necessary content to complete the hotel's dedicated in-trip application!
    Various digital contents that can be enjoyed on the guest's smartphone will create a "new travel experience!
  3. 03GouRoom

    Food ordering system for lodging facilities.
    This is a mobile order room service that delivers food to the room where you are staying by simply placing an order with your smartphone.
    Order easily from the dedicated mobile order screen!
    Simply select your favorite restaurant and menu, make a payment, and the food will be delivered to your room!
    We offer a new option for "meals" during your stay.
  4. 04Q-ONEXT

    This is an online store (mobile ordering) with delivery agent function implemented!
    You can start your own delivery service (immediate delivery) in as little as 2 days without the need for your own delivery staff, not to mention online ordering and payment!
    You can build a new business model, expand your sales channels, and reform your sales methods!